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There's a local Ravelry (not sponsored, or technically affiliated, but they are allowed to call it that) meetup. They are holding it at the Women's Building in San Francisco. The link to that location specifies that the building is to be used in support of women and girls. Shocking how extremely inclusive that feels, right? Obviously they are not going to come right out and say men are not allowed, and the meetup group does have a parenthetical comment saying men are welcome, but seriously, how welcome would women feel if there was a building saying "this space is intended to support men's endeavors"? 

That would be why I do not go to YMCAs. If they want to rename their organization to the effect of actually including old women and a-religious people, then sure, I can see them being a community organization for everyone. 

I am honestly offended by how universal and understood the prejudice in the fiber arts is. I would really like to see other women stand up and say, "I like the idea of getting together with other knitters and crafters but not if your event is only open to some kinds of people."

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I have this idea that I am going to import all the posts from my undyedyarnpire.wordpress.com blog. However there are no importation tools to facilitate that. I am not even sure I can cross-post non-manually.

But there should be something here.

The goal is to have space for discussion here in the journal format since no one comments on blog posts. The blog will continue, of course, but posting there is a lot like screaming into the void.

I understand that, I loathe leaving comments on peoples' blogs. Not only are the login credentials a pain, but there is no mechanism to send a notification of a response automatically, so commenting is a poor experience as the commenter. It is also irritating as a lurker when a pattern post has a bazillion comments on it; when I want to save or print, I have to do a lot of work to strip out all the dreck. But as the blogger, there is no point in actually taking the pictures and laboriously crosslinking everything because no one is looking.

I added all the fiber-related groups that appealed immediately, but there is very little activity in them. It almost seems as though there needs to be a combined group for many fiber crafts until there is a need to split off.


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