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Last night I found the following tutorial (thanks to the Rav RH group) :
It shows how to make a flat bottomed bag from a flat pouch. 

My "pink zin" woven scarf is 8-9" by 48-49" unwashed. I want to make a functional bag from it.

My sewing skills are inadequate, but I can get assistance. 

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 I am not hugely enamored of the finished scarf, first weaving project, pink zin. Mostly because, being woven from corriedale wool yarn, it is hugely unpleasant in terms of skin-touchiness. However, the fabric is relatively sturdy and has a really appealing coloration (it was happenstance, so that is not immodest). I thought it would make an excellent bag. 
woven scarf woven scarf

I was interested in the Doni's Deli Bag, because it makes a bag from one long and narrow strip of fabric. That seems ideal for weaving. But if you actually look at it conceptually, it makes a really wide bag with a really wide strap. I dislike wide bags because I tend toward single-purpose bags. I have a bag that is exactly the size of my writing notebook. I have a handknit purse which is exactly the size of a paperback. My regular handbag is just large enough for keys, phone, and wallet.  

If you are thinking about this the way I am thinking about this*, the obvious solution is to sew the short ends together and to seam up the sides to the depth desired. Some reinforcement is definitely desirable, and if I made release cuts I could make the handle double-thick while making it half the width. 

* Thus the project title will be amended to "Pondering Pinky" from the oft-repeated line from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" 

diagram of bag

I could use some advice on whether I am going to completely destroy the structural integrity of the scarf in forming the bag. I do have interfacing and a lining fabric ready. I can machine sew this to get greater stitch density. 
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I finished the first weaving. I am disappointed in the resulting fabric if it is considered a scarf, because it is harsh. The scarf is woven from hand dyed Knitpicks "Stroll" warp and handspun 2-ply corriedale dyed by Spunky Eclectic. (project page) The current plan is to make this into a bag. 

These pictures are really mediocre because it is dark and I am too lazy to find a real camera.

woven scarf
  woven scarf woven scarf fringe

Since this was my first project on my Emilia loom, I should probably talk about that, but I think that should be a separate post.
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There is progress with the loom. I have had a lot of adjustment issues that it really seems like should have been covered by the instructions. The instructions include a diagram of a slip knot, so why would they not show you where the clamp that holds the loom in the right position should be placed? 

loom with scarf
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 My Emilia arrived today. It is much bigger than I expected. I sincerely doubt I would want something larger than this without a dedicated stand. 

The final assembly is a real pain to do. The instructions made very little sense. Luckily they were accompanied by pictures so I found a way to make it look like that. I heartily dislike tex-solv cord. If this is the miraculous wonder material that has saved weavers from a lifetime of struggle and toil, the previous stuff must have been, "Harvest your own varicose veins and use them to tie...." 

Anyway, one must attach the tie-up bars to the beams with tex-solv. Cutting "14-inch" lengths of tex-solv, burning the ends in an open flame (which it does not tell you that you need, I guess this is not a dorm-room friendly assembly!) for each hole in the back and front beams. One wraps the beam with the cord, one pulls an end through the first hole in the other end of the tex-solv cord, one feeds that resulting tail through the hole in the beam. Then one pinches the middle of the loose half of the cord and shoves that loop into a hole at the end of the cord. One quickly inserts the tie-up bar into that loop and snugs the loop up tight. The cord-loop does not go through the hole in the tie-up bar and just sort of hangs out. Repeat for all beam holes. However, tex-solv cord does not like to have things stuffed through or into its virgin holes. Since the beams and tie-up bars are standard, I am really unclear on why I had to do this. It did not save them any room in the carton. 

The entire point of having me attach the tie-up bar seems to be, "Frustrate her as much as possible right up front. Make getting started extremely difficult so she gives up. She has already bought the loom and it is not returnable."

Warping the loom was not fun. I have already failed at it once. The first step is to mark the center of the heddle. Why is this a manual step? It could easily be done at the factory. Then one is supposed to center the size of the warp across the heddle and mark those points with threads. Fine. I do this. I follow the instructions about tying the warp yarn onto the tie-up bar, I follow the instructions about fishing the yarn through with the sleying hook. I pull the warp loop around the warping peg. I "keep doing this". Then I read, "... making sure to wrap the yarn around the tie-up bar after each slot." That is like a recipe that goes through 45 minutes of prep, 30 minutes of waiting, and after final assembly when the cake cannot wait or it won't rise, saying, "Bake in an oven preheated to 350F." Without having mentioned heating the oven up earlier when there was time. So I had to laboriously unwind the warp I had painstakingly fished through a dozen slots. 

Later I changed warp yarns and began again. I did it correctly. I followed the steps to the halfway point and I am now ready to fish from slot to hole.

loom picture

This has been incredibly irritating and I am convinced there must be a better way than this, because this is ridiculous. I cannot quite imagine a better way, but there are books which should arrive at some point and they might help. There are probably YouTube videos as well. 
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I have a complaint about how words were used. If you can mentally hear the guy in The Princess Bride saying, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." That might help. 

If you have a website and you say something is "in stock", especially if you give a count of the number of that item which are "in stock", I do not think that should mean, "We will call the manufacturer and have it drop shipped to you at some point in the nebulous future." If something is being drop-shipped at a date uncontrollable by your store, then it is not "in stock". If you have to call the manufacturer to check whether the item that was ordered and expected to arrive this week is actually available at all, then you completely misunderstood what "in stock" means to the customer. You are also in violation of my expectations of privacy because you are disclosing my personal data to a fourth party (store, shipper, now manufacturer).

Although I am resigned at this point to getting the loom I settled for, I am extremely angry at the purchasing experience. If I had known they were going to lie about the availability, I would not have bought the 13" Emilia, despite the deal. 
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Sadly, today my top choice of rigid heddle loom is for sale, used, locally, on Craigslist, for about half the retail price (after all the extras are included). 

Can I admit that I want to buy that too, just in case the small one is insufficient for my needs? 

What if I let this one go and do not like the tiny Emilia that is not here yet? I did get a confirmation email this morning but it said they would email directly if my item was "backordered", like they do not know if they have it? So are they going to wait until someone else buys the used loom on CL before telling me, "Ha! Ha!"? 

I also had a spot of concern because that is a hefty discount and if I do not like my loom, I want to be able to resell it for much closer to my purchase price. But there were still people paying full price for Flips and Crickets on the various Ravelry groups, so probably it is the CL underpricing. I will be sure to list my loom in the appropriate Rav groups first. 

Plus at that price, the CL loom was probably gone instantly, so I would not have gotten it. 
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Progress on the Phantom Phonebooth (Tardis pattern) socks proceeds. I have 2.25 inches completed from the toe. It is about 2.5 rounds per centimeter and it takes me about half an hour to do that. After which I want to do something else. Two-at-a-time on two-circs is a lot of shuffling things around. But the socks match and there will not be that point where I feel "done" but am only halfway because there is still another entire sock to go. No pictures yet because it looks like a pair of small blue pockets. 

My revamping of the halfaquin sweatervest is stalled while I work on the socks. I can see it in my mind's eye but actually doing the work is much more laborious than anticipated. 

These are my only active projects taking up space in my brain because the loom shipped today!

Dreamwidth does not have an automatic crossposting to Wordpress tool. But the cut and paste works really well because it preserves formatting. 

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I bought a loom.

I had 3 choices I really liked.
  • floor loom, Glimakra Julia. But honestly I've never woven and $1K is a lot to try something out. Plus the space, the space...
  • rigid heddle loom, LeClerc Bergere, but it doesn't have a stand available, it doesn't fold up and it's kind of big. 
  • rigid heddle loom, Glimakra Emilia. I loved the 19" version but couldn't find anywhere that actually had them. They were the vaporware of looms.
Most people said that RH looms are better with a stand unless you get a really tiny one like a 15" Schacht Flip. 

So when Paradise Fibers sent a Year End Clearance coupon code good for 10% off almost everything (except LeClerc looms and some spinning wheels) I went and looked. They had the 13" Emilia. So I bought one on the spot. I figure it will not need a stand because it is small enough and if I need to do big things, I probably want a floor loom anyway. 

It has been more than a year of looking and and handwringing trying to find the right choice. I hope this was it, but certainly with the sale price, I can resell it for closer to my cost. 

I started looking for a loom because someone, somewhere said weaving uses up gobs of yarn. I have a lot more yarn than I can possibly knit in my lifetime. (I am a very slow knitter and easily distracted when something is not for me.) But I love yarn and want to keep spinning, so I needed to find something that would help. 

I expect to be rather happy with my purchase, and there will be pictures. 

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As an introduction, so you get the idea where I come from creatively, there is a song that was quoted in Fire In the Mist by Holly Lisle,
(Available on the publisher's website, legally)
I am only quoting my favorite verse and the chorus:

For the moment
I rejoice,
Whatever the
Moment brings.
Cry for sorrow,
Laugh for joy for—
Sometimes I have sunshine.
Lady shears and
Lady cards;
Lady spins and
Lady dyes.
Lady weaves our
Lives to cloth and
Lady sends the sunshine.

I read that when the book was new, in 1992, and it is probably the single-most mentally sticky thing I have ever read. It was not until I began spinning in 2007 that I had the ability to see the sunshine in my life. Not that spinning itself caused this, there were a number of other factors, but it suits my preferences to do something handy when times are difficult. 

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I have this idea that I am going to import all the posts from my undyedyarnpire.wordpress.com blog. However there are no importation tools to facilitate that. I am not even sure I can cross-post non-manually.

But there should be something here.

The goal is to have space for discussion here in the journal format since no one comments on blog posts. The blog will continue, of course, but posting there is a lot like screaming into the void.

I understand that, I loathe leaving comments on peoples' blogs. Not only are the login credentials a pain, but there is no mechanism to send a notification of a response automatically, so commenting is a poor experience as the commenter. It is also irritating as a lurker when a pattern post has a bazillion comments on it; when I want to save or print, I have to do a lot of work to strip out all the dreck. But as the blogger, there is no point in actually taking the pictures and laboriously crosslinking everything because no one is looking.

I added all the fiber-related groups that appealed immediately, but there is very little activity in them. It almost seems as though there needs to be a combined group for many fiber crafts until there is a need to split off.


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