June 3rd, 2011

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It has been a while since I had something to post. The Tardis socks ("Phantom Phonebooth") proceed.  I am at the heels. The only thing I did not correctly anticipate in doing two-at-a-time is that the heels are going to be awkward, but something seems to be working out. It feels a bit like being lost and just following the majority of cars because chances are pretty good other people want to go where you want to go. 

There are no pictures yet because it looks like a pair of blue blobs.

I have really appreciated the instructions in the first Cat Bordhi sock book, but the book itself is horrible to use. I am constantly paging back and forth and back and forth. I bookmarked all the pages I used for these socks and there are 15 bookmarks in the book. It is bad enough that I am seriously considering taking an Exacto knife and cutting out the pages so the actual instructions can be assembled coherently. The instructions are great, but I find myself so frustrated trying to find them that I tend to assume I remember it from last time. 

Non-knitting news, I finally have a credit card that Paypal accepts. I am seriously considering buying the Rogue or Eris sweater pattern. I have loved that forever. But I am highly unlikely to actually knit it since I am such a lazy knitter. 

Spinning updates. I have spun 8 ounces of BFL from CMF in the "Black Sun" colorway. I like it a lot as a three-ply yarn, but obviously taking a year off of spinning did nothing for my consistency. It was a very good thing that I restarted with BFL, because that really is my go-to fiber. 

CMF is having a sale, free shipping, and the Cormo is out--- and they will custom dye it (normally it is just available undyed.) But my storage bins are full and the Oakland Fiber Festival is upcoming, so I am not buying. I do really like their dye work and they seem to be fast and reliable. Plus their bumps are 8oz and extremely consistent. I was able to spin a sweater's worth and all the balls look similar enough that I am not worried about the sleeves not matching or other weirdness. 

This would go over a lot better with pictures or links, but just about everything is repeated.


undyedyarnpire: cartoon voodoo doll, looks like knitting needles stuck everywhere (Default)

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