February 2nd, 2011

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I have been ignoring my weaving. There is nothing like a deadline (and now we are past it) to make me feel contrary. So the plaid runner stands at about the same state as the last picture. And since the cloth is wound onto the front beam periodically, it will continue to look like that until it is nearly done. It is a lot like walking on a treadmill in that regard, in that I feel like I am getting absolutely nowhere until I realize I need smaller trousers.

I worked some on the Phantom Phonebooth socks. They are coming along nicely, albeit slowly. I have both socks knitted to about 50% footlength, meaning I have almost 20% done. They still look like blue pockets, so not much point in digging out the camera. 

However, most of my efforts have been toward a generosity. Several of us are knitting a blanket in pieces to give to a woman we all know who is ill. The remaining pieces should come back by the weekend. Although it has represented a significant amount of my crafting time, I have not taken any pictures. There were several people who expressed a large amount of enthusiasm for the idea but no one who spoke up actually knitted anything. If it was not for the silent supporters who did phenomenal work, I would have ended up doing the whole thing myself as well as buying all the supplies.

Although I really like the woman who will be the recipient, I resent this experience tremendously. Apparently people will lie to your face, in detail, about how they will help; then scamper off with your yarn, even knowing who it hurts and who was supposed to benefit. 


undyedyarnpire: cartoon voodoo doll, looks like knitting needles stuck everywhere (Default)

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